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Jenny L. M. (2022-04-18 02:51:58)
I’m talking about the Norwegians stance on an investigation.

You’re saying that the Sami people are still being harassed, right? I have noticed that there are online communities where people are extremely critical of the Sami people. Even though I have to run what they write through Google Translate, the message appears to be clear, and some of these places comes across as hateful. A site named “Nordnorskdebatt.no” seems to be quite a venom filled pit in that regard. Why is there so much hatred against the Sami people in Norway?
Then I don’t know what effects of trauma you’re referring to. I’m not aware of any relevant trauma the Norwegians have suffered that could have any epigenetical influence on their willingness to do anything about these things.

I’m guessing “nordnorsk debatt” is a place where a vocal minority gets to let off steam with relatively little moderation or consequence. In any community that don’t work hard enough to prevent it, the most belligerent members will almost always try to seize dominance and suppress other voices. As a result, the hateful messages are overrepresented, and people with other opinions rarely dare speak; they will face retaliation if they do.

A similar problem happened on a larger scale during the last Norwegian parliamentary election, when the hatred against, for example, certain female MDG politicians was so great that many experts declared this phenomenom a serious threat to Norwegian democracy, and called for more regulation of online communities, in order to protect the diverse voices necessary for our civilization to function. It has since been established that the demographic primarily responsible for that kind of online hate, tend to be older white men.

So my guess is that it’s all the same thing. The hatred is not really about the Sámi people, or unique to it. It’s really about entitled, predominantly white men and women, who want to believe they’re smarter than they really are, that they deserve more than they get, and most importantly, that others are to blame for their own lives not being perfect. Thus, they blame and hate e.g. immigrants because they’re “others”, and for the same reasons, also blame and hate the Sámi. Some will even blame and hate just about anyone who won’t tell them what they want to hear. And these people will voice their hate whenever and wherever they can (and if they can’t, they’ll cry about “free speech”, of course without understanding what free speech really is). It’s a bit like an addiction, I think. It helps them feel a bit better about themselves, and I’m sure it also gives some sort of kick.

This phenomenon is everywhere today. It’s human nature, but amplified by modern social media, particularly those with clueless and selfish management, such as Facebook. It has created a worldwide wave of hate that’s corrupting pretty much every civilization on Earth (including the United States, who’s now tiptoeing on the edge of no longer being a democracy). As I’ve always tried to see the bigger picture, I simply can’t see it as just about the Sámi now.