Ove Kåven


I’m hoping to get some time and motivation to develop my creative side at some point.

Until I do, I’ll just post some of the things I’ve tried drawing over the years.

I think I drew this unicorn in 2016.

From 2000, I think. First two panels of a short and silly comic I made that spoofed the origin story of “The Phantom” by Lee Falk, but with Richard M. Stallman (founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project) as The Phantom. RMS is known for his rather radical and uncompromising viewpoints, so this is more or less his actual views in a comic book setting. There are several other injokes here that probably only nerds of the time would get, such as RMS’s singing. But for all his imperfections, the man has made a positive difference in the world and deserves respect for that, so it’s a rather loving parody.