Ove Kåven


As I strive to understand the world without prejudice, I think that something that every single human culture in history has treated as very real (except post-industrial Western culture, and arguably, communistic cultures by fiat), may be worth looking into as possibly more than arbitrary folklore. After all, even in modern Western culture, ordinary people apparently see ghosts and experience other miracles every day, and our culture’s typical response to that seem just as pseudoscientific as anything else. And after I recently discovered that there may be something real behind those old beliefs, I decided that I’m going to try to find out for myself. And since I descend from a people where shamanism was strong, I’ve started by learning the ancient art of shamanism. (After all, shamans were the “scientists” of spirituality – those that saw, experimented, and figured things out.)

If you’re interested in shamanic healing, and/or in helping me uncover the truth, feel free to contact me. I learn something new from every healing, and I will probably never charge money for it, but since I’m working for a better world, I might ask you to do some kind of good deed in return.