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Jenny L. M. (2022-04-11 20:58:03)
So you’re saying they’re apologizing, but that they don’t know, or won’t acknowledge, exactly what they’re apologizing for? Sounds like they, pretty much like U.S. authorities, are mighty afraid of admitting liability.
I suppose that’s one way to express it, but personally, I probably wouldn’t go that far. After all, the world of modern politics is all about moving money around, and they have to prioritize heavily. Anytime they spend money on something, there’s going to be less money for something else. So if they’re given a choice between, say, allocating money to take care of old people, or allocating money to investigate historical events where the overall picture of what happened is already pretty well known, then I can kind of understand the decision not to investigate. But from a justice perspective, it does kind of give a bad signal, yes.