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We, plants, the sky, The earth, galaxies, universe is made of different energy? Right? So if the earth was suddenly taken away, we would just be floating about? Or to say it differently, energy (we plants, other,) would be in that exact space at that time. But space is also energy. So if all is energy, is it possible to say that we are the universe, and the universe is us?

Should we be «nice» to for example the roadsign by the road, because it is energy, and that energy is in fact the universe, and therefore ourself?
Are we all connected? What are we?
It’s not clear to me what you mean by “different energy”, but if you mean their energies are substantially different from each other, then I’d say no, they’re not. In physics, arguably there fundamentally aren’t even different kinds of energy, there’s just energy, just manifesting in different ways. There are different forms of matter, but all matter is made of energy, it’s all the same. And if you mean spiritually, then the shamanic traditions I’ve looked at also say something similar: everything has a soul or spirit, including animals, trees, drums, roadsigns, the Earth, galaxies, and so on. Obviously, such things might not think like us, or do the same things as us, but the fundamental forces are not really all that different. We’re all made of the same stuff as anything else in the universe, we’re all part of it. But whether that means the universe really is us, might be a question you’re better off trying to answer for yourself. Some people might see it one way, others might see it another way, and every way to see things may yield its own unique insights.

Similarly, I think whether you want to be nice to a roadsign, or a tree, or whatever, should be up to you. But even if you don’t consider the roadsign part of you, your behaviour towards it certainly is. How nice you are to things, that’s you. Choosing whether to be nice will always affect who you are. And indeed, whether or not you can feel the universe inside or outside yourself, you’re still part of it and your actions will affect it, in some way. Always.