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Is there any piece of art, or any action, or a location, that makes you feel like you're in the right place and time, that the world is less broken for a few minutes? I've been listening to choral music by composers like Palestrina, Tallis, Josquin des Prez lately, because it makes me feel that way. I often experience that feeling when I'm focused on my cat, too.

I suppose this is a pretty personal question. It's all I have at this moment, though.
There’s not really any single thing or piece of art that always works. But if you’re looking for something, maybe try the mixes on the EpicMusicChannel or Pandora Journey on YouTube. The music pieces featured on these channels are all by excellent composers who know how to use music to take you away from your everyday worries. At least for me, there have been some songs there where I could just close my eyes and listen, and maybe there’s something there which works for you too.