The Difference Declaration

In many human societies, being different and standing out will make you a target for derision, hate, and sabotage, even if there’s nothing wrong with you or what you do. This tendency is common enough to have gotten names like the Jante law, crab mentality, and Tall Poppy Syndrome. I think this kind of attitude limits humanity’s potential (where would we be today if our greatest inventors, scientists, explorers, composers, and artists had been objects of hate?)

So I’ve decided to formulate the code that I plan to live by, in both Norwegian and English.

Forskjellserklæringen (Anti-Janteloven)

  1. Jeg tør å være annerledes.
  2. Jeg tør å velge min egen vei.
  3. Jeg tør å følge mitt eget hjerte.
  4. Jeg tør å stå for det som er rett.
  5. Jeg tør å tro på meg selv.
  6. Jeg tør å tro på andre.
  7. Jeg tør å vise medmenneskelighet.
  8. Jeg tør å gjøre en forskjell.
  9. Jeg tør å gå foran og vise vei.
  10. Jeg tør å leve for en bedre verden.

The Difference Declaration (The Anti-Law of Jante/Crab Mentality/Tall Poppy Syndrome)

  1. I dare to be different.
  2. I dare to choose my own path.
  3. I dare to follow my own heart.
  4. I dare to stand up for what’s right.
  5. I dare to believe in myself.
  6. I dare to believe in others.
  7. I dare to show compassion.
  8. I dare to make a difference.
  9. I dare to walk in front and show the way.
  10. I dare to live for a better world.