Game development

I’ve taken a part-time position in a small Northern Norwegian game development company, Miksapix Interactive. This is in part because they make games where the Sámi culture is in focus, and in part because it lets me do things I don’t get to do at Google. I think it could be fun.

I should probably not write too much about the exact projects I’ll be working on yet. Not because it’s necessarily a secret, I just think I should give them the chance to advertise it their own way.

But I might be allowed to livestream some of the programming work I’ll do for them (though not all). So now I’m a bit curious whether anyone might be interested in seeing me livestreaming game development. Note that for now, I’ll only be working on Miksapix games on Fridays.

(I could perhaps also livestream development on my personal game project (or other personal projects), which I sometimes work on in my free time, if there would be interest in that. That would probably mostly be on the weekends.)

If you read this, feel free to let me know if you’d be interested in such livestreams. You can send a message on my contact form here, or see if you can message me elsewhere, for example on Twitch.